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Get the True Value of Your Car With These Tips

Are you in the market to sell or trade-in your car? Maybe you’re just interested in knowing the true value, just in case. If you’re needing to find the true value of your car, but not quite sure where to go or how to get the information, you can do some quick, easy searches online.

There are several online sites that are quick, easy and reliable when you want to get an accurate value of your car. For many years, people have been relying on and trusting the Kelly Blue Book to find out the true values of cars, their own, as well as the values of others. Kelly Blue Book has been a trusted automobile appraiser tool.


Another well known and trusted automobile appraiser company is Edmunds. Edmunds is all about cars from finding you great deals on cars, to appraising the one you own so you can get the most out of it when you sell, or trade.

Both sites are easy-to-use. When you visit their sites, you’ll be asked certain information about your vehicle. Common questions you’ll need to answer are: the year, make and model, as well as the features your car has. You’ll next be asked to rate your car’s condition. If you’re honest about how well the interior has been kept, and what condition the body of your car is in, you will get an accurate estimate. Once you’ve plugged-in the info, you’ll get your car’s true worth in a matter of seconds.

Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book, (kbb), aren’t the only online sites where you can get your car’s worth. You may also want to visit, True Market Value, (TMV), as well as, The Auto Trader, online. The formats are all comparable; easy to understand and use.

Maybe you’d rather talk to a person on the phone. If you have questions or want to be more detailed in your car’s description, you may find it easier to call a few companies. You can speak to someone personally at, The Auto Trader, or the popular CarMax dealership, or even Cash For Cars San Diego. They’ll be happy to talk to you and help you through determining the accurate value of your car.